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big changes to the restriction system:
• there are now two types of restricted users: while users under 10 still cannot comment, users between 10-12 now can. moderators can choose to apply either of these restrictions as necessary, especially in case of people who may be of age but are abusing the comment/message systems
• restricted users can now receive messages from Comic Studio staff and view any messages from before their restriction (if applicable). note that sending and receiving messages from other users, regardless of restriction level, is still off limits for safety reasons
• previously, you needed to email me to get unrestricted once you turned 13; this is no longer a requirement, and if your birthday is between january 2009 and march 2011 you should now be unrestricted. just don't bother trying to abuse this, as the system keeps a log of what you've set it to before
• you no longer need to set your birthday to >2014 if you just want to disable comments on your account; there is now a setting to either disable comments on your posts or completely hide all comments on the site. if you're 10+ and you intentionally restricted yourself to disable comments or messages (something that has surprisingly happened before, especially with Korean users?), feel free to email me and i'll see if i can sort it out:


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