Privacy Policy

This page describes how Comic Studio, as well as its linked Discord server and bot, stores and uses personal data. By using our services, you agree to this information use.


We use cookies to store site preferences, such as whether you've chosen to show images containing spoilers or whether you've dismissed a tutorial popup, as well as to authenticate user sessions. Additionally, if you have ad personalization enabled, some third parties may use tracking cookies to serve ads based on prior websites you've visited. If you wish to opt out from ad personalization, you may change your settings here.


We store basic access logs containing your IP address, browser user agent (detailing which browser/device you're using) and which URLs you've visited on the site. While we don't link these logs to individual users, your activity could be traced back to you if someone knew your activity well enough to find you in those logs. For this reason, we only keep access logs for anonymized analytics and in case of legal action where such access logs may need to be handed over in a government order.

Data Retention

We keep backups of data on our servers as part of keeping the service running smoothly. While only basic user information is stored on our servers, you are entitled to ask for your account data or have it removed from our servers by contacting us.

Discord Account Data

If you use Cookie Simulator or join the Comic Studio Discord, your username, icon and which cookies you've obtained through Cookie Simulator may be shared publicly. You may opt out by having your data deleted through the channels of contact below.

Discord Information

Data shared with us through Discord via our server or Cookie Simulator bot will be kept up as long as you don't delete it. To delete your Cookie Simulator account data, contact us. All other data, such as messages and connections, can be deleted on your end.

If any changes are made to our data collection policies in the future, this page will be updated to let you know.