Terms of Service

By using Comic Studio, you agree to follow these rules at all times when using the site and its linked services (subreddit, Discord server and Facebook page). Violation of these terms may result in your ability to use the site getting restricted.

At any time while using the site or linked services:

  • Do not use our services in any way that violates United States or Canada law.

    Comic Studio is based in the USA, with servers hosted in Canada; as such, anything done here is subject to the laws of both countries.

  • Don't use our services to incite harrassment.

    We don't support any form of cyberbullying or calls for physical harm, and any comics processed via the site that break this rule may be deleted.

  • Respect the privacy of others.

    Sharing others' or your own private information is not allowed and will be taken down.

  • Never use our services for spam.

    Any content created through our site or linked services that is deemed to be spam will be deleted wherever possible, and bans may be issued if necessary.

  • Do not make any attempts to bypass restrictions on our site.

    If you are banned and would like to be unbanned, please contact me. Ultimately, if you don't want to follow our rules, there's always other places to get your entertainment...

While sharing your comics on the site:

  • Keep sexual content to a minimum.

    Sexual jokes are allowed with the "sensitive" comic checkbox, but outright NSFW content is not allowed.

  • Do not make homophobic, transphobic or racist comments.

    There's a line between casual joking about serious topics and saying things that make other people uncomfortable. Put simply: a funny dog with a caption that says "not too fond of gay people" is fine, an image calling for the death of lesbians is not. This also includes slurs.
    Please use the "offensive content" warning whenever doing anything near this line.

  • Don't make light of tragedies or self-harm.

    We don't tolerate anyone encouraging the suffering of others, and we will punish accordingly if done with malice.

While making comic creators through our site:

  • Do not steal fanart, OCs, or generally anyone else's work.

    Please verify the origin of any images you host on the site; when in doubt, it's best to only use sprites you've drawn or ripped yourself.
    We will respect any requests made to take down others' content.

  • Respect DMCA law.

    If content on our site is struck down, make no attempts to restore it. This will get both you and I in trouble.

  • Keep things PG-13.

    As with the rule above for comics, please censor any nudity if included in the source material you're adapting.

We take no responsibility for the actions of any user who violates these terms, and we reserve the right to change these terms at any time.