Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about Comic Studio, this page will try to answer them.

  • What is Comic Studio?

    Comic Studio is a site where you can make comics, memes, etc. using characters from your favorite series.
    We have comic creators for Cookie Run, Friday Night Funkin' and tons more! To see if your fandom has one already, use the search bar above. Can't find one? Make your own! (account required)

  • Who made this site?

    Comic Studio is mainly developed, hosted and maintained by syrupyy (any pronouns). Originally I created the standalone site Cookie Comic Creator, a Cookie Run comic maker using an older version of the same code, as a fun tool for my friends to use. It was also supposed to be my final gift to the Cookie Run community to celebrate its anniversary, but... it got popular. Like, way more popular than I expected. I even got a shoutout from the official Japanese mascot account!
    After the success of Cookie Comic Creator, I decided it was time to expand; Comic Studio is the culmination of that hard work. I want to bring the power of fan content creation to everyone regardless of editing ability, and with the power of our studio creation tools, you can help too!

  • How do I make a comic?

    If you're having trouble figuring out how to make a comic, check out this video tutorial by @mahimeghan on YouTube!

  • How do I make a studio?

    Sign up for an account, then go to the studio management page. I did my best to make the studio creation tools as easy to use as possible, but no matter what, the most important part of making a studio is hard work and an emphasis on quality. There will soon be a tutorial with tips on how to make the perfect studio!

  • Is this site open source?

    Currently, Comic Studio is closed source. My code is messy, and more importantly, I worry that making it public will lead to people stealing studios and rehosting them to make a quick buck.
    However, Cookie Comic Creator is open source under the MIT license, and will be forever. Perhaps someday I'll open up the Comic Studio source code too!

  • I would like to work with you. How can I reach out?

    If you'd like to collaborate with us or otherwise help each other out, send any and all proposals to contact @ comic (dot) studio! We're happy to work with anyone who wants to, from America or around the world.

  • My content is used on this site and I want it removed. Where can I report it?

    For information on sending DMCA takedown requests, please see our copyright notice.
    All other inquiries can be settled by sending an email to abuse @ comic (dot) studio. This is much easier, and is recommended in cases of stolen art.

  • I don't see my question here, or I'd like to contact you for something else.

    I have one more email address, syrupyy @ comic (dot) studio. Generally, I'll respond to anything there, though if email is too formal for you, feel free to DM me on Twitter or send a message or public ask on my Tumblr. As a note, anything sent to these boxes that isn't in English will be translated, as I only speak English.