ok ok. this might sound a little insane. but hear me out

i was looking at wikia-- AHEM., and thinking about how a good wiki is so much easier to make than a good comic studio. i thought about why, and then realized it's because the most passionate members of a community can edit whatever wiki page they want
so i just realized. what if i made it so trusted members of the site (who have already proven theirselves by making several studios) could edit other people's studios to add new sprites/change the theme/etc?
it'd basically be the current power of admins, but instead of just deleting rule breaking studios they can also help out smaller ones. i could also make it so anyone can just turn off the ability for studio helpers (that's a good name. i'm calling them that) to edit their studios if they're worried about vandalism

what do you think about this. discuss in the comments


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