since a couple people are worried about it, i'm going to make my stance on whipped coffee fan content clear. feel free to link to this post in the future if anyone has any questions -

for the most part, i'm fine with anything you want to do with him. treat him as you would any canon character; put him in wacky situations, ship him with whoever you want, etc. i only really have two boundaries:
1. don't involve him in problematic content, like shipping him with a child. (EDIT: forgot to mention it, but also don't ship him with any of my friends or other users without their consent - don't be a creep)
2. do not sexualize/draw rule 34 of him, UNLESS you are 18+ and know what you're doing (and obviously don't post stuff like that publicly, it's against the site rules! a lot of the users on here are kids)

other than those two rules, anything else is okay. if i think of anything else, i'll add it here


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